Installing on Heroku · radiant/radiant Wiki · GitHub


$ gem install radiant
$ gem install sqlite3-ruby heroku taps rack
$ radiant -d sqlite3 heroku_radiant
$ cd heroku_radiant
$ rake db:bootstrap


rails --version 2.3.8
will_paginate --version '~> 2.3.11'
radiant --version 0.9.1


Start your server with ./script/server and confirm everything is working locally. If it is shutdown your local application server and start it in production mode by running ./script/server -e production. Now go to http://localhost:3000/admin. By visiting this URL the all.js file will be created (all.js  contains all of the javascript required for the Radiant admin UI concatenated into a single file). Don’t worry about bootstrapping the production database; it isn’t necessary in order for the all.js  file to be created. If you don’t do this you’ll get an application error when you deploy to Heroku because the read-only file system restriction won’t allow Radiant to create the file on Heroku’s servers.